AM Used Auto Parts provides a Standard One Year Warranty to cover defective parts and items sent incorrectly. The Three Year Warranty option, if available and purchased adds two additional years to the Standard One Year Warranty term. All other terms and considerations remain the same under the One or Three Year Warranty

The Warranty must be activated for any of the warranty terms and conditions to be valid and enforceable. Both activation of warranty and engine or transmission installation is required within 15 days from delivery receipt to the shipping address on record.


AM USED AUTO PARTS warrants to the original purchaser that engine purchased will be free from cracks in the block, free from knocking, excessive oil consumption and will be subject to the following terms and conditions. The Engine warranty covers the block, heads and all internal components. Components NOT covered under warranty include all bolt-on accessories, wiring, sensors or ancillary items that may have been inadvertently shipped with the engine. The following internal components of gasoline or diesel engines are covered: pistons pins, crankshaft and main bearings, connecting rods and rod bearings, camshaft and camshaft bearings, intake and exhaust valves, valve springs, push rods, rocker arms, hydraulic lifters and rocker arm shafts. The engine block and cylinder heads are covered only if damaged by a covered component. The following components of automatic or manual transmission are covered: torque converter, oil pump, governor, drums, planetaries, sun gear & shell, sprags, shafts, bearings, shift rails, forks, synchronizers. We guarantee transmissions that it will shift properly, gears to be good and bearings to be good. Thoroughly clean all components of the transmission including oil pan before assembly. Replace oil and filter in all automatic transmissions. You must replace ALL seals and gaskets prior to installation. Flush & flow test cooler and lines. Fully engage torque converter in front pump. For manual transmissions, you must install a new clutch, pressure plate, and slave cylinder. You must also have your fly wheel turned prior to installation. Fill and check fluid to insure proper levels.


The customer must provide and is responsible for: installing new seals and gaskets at the time of engine or transmission installation, including a new thermostat, timing belt/chain, water pump and oil pump at the time of engine installation. Seals in turbos are not guaranteed to be perfect and may need replacing during the warranty period. Transmission coolant lines must be flushed or warranty will be void. RADs with engine coolers and divorced oil coolers must be replaced. Transmission may need to be relearned, reset or flashed by dealer AND may need electronic valve body replaced. Engines and transmissions must be installed by a ASE Certified mechanic.


In case of a total breakdown of a part or engine, AM Used Auto Parts’ obligation is limited to repairing or replacing broken covered components covered under this warranty. If replacement of a transmission or an engine or covered components is required and a replacement engine or components is not available, AM Used Auto Parts’ reserves the right to pay to the customer in cash the cost of replacement engine’s value, not to exceed the original purchase price. AM Used Auto Parts’, at it’s sole discretion, may opt to replace engine with another used assembly of like kind and quality. Replacement of any part or transmission or engine covered under this warranty will be considered a repair and will not change the original length of time or term of warranty based on the original purchase date.


Leaking gaskets or seals are not covered.

Any and all claims or damage resulting from: failure to maintain proper coolant, fluid, refrigerant, or lubrication levels, overheating of any type, abuse, negligence, freezing, personal damages, fire, flood, vandalism, theft, collision, acts of God, competition or racing, usages not approved by the vehicle manufacturer, improper load capacity, or improper towing, damages cause by contaminated fluids, coolants, or lubricants for any reason, misuse, road conditions, riots or acts of war are not covered. Claims occurring outside the United States are not covered. Once a claim has been initiated, the purchaser may not continue to operate the vehicle until a claim determination or decision has been made by AM Used Auto Parts; continued operation will void the claim. Any work or repair done to vehicle without prior written authorization from AM Used Auto Parts is not considered an authorized claim and will not be covered. Freight, shipping or towing of a vehicle or anything associated in the way of per diem expenses, storage fees, medical expenses, telephone or rental charges, lost wages or earnings is not covered under this warranty. Any and all commercial, for-hire use, sporting or competitive use is not covered. Any and all breakdowns caused by mechanical alterations not meeting manufacturer’s specifications are not covered. Factory recalls or breakdowns covered by factory recall are not covered. Transmission clutches and clutch plates are not covered under this agreement. Breakdowns to a covered part already replaced under this warranty. Any cost or expense associated with obtaining repair estimates or work performed to determine cost or estimate for repair is not covered. Any defective parts must be made available for inspection upon AM Used Auto Parts request. Breakdowns caused by excessive wear and tear for the year and mileage of vehicle are not covered under this warranty. Breakdowns that occurred while under another warranty of any kind are not covered. Breakdowns covered by manufacturer warranty or recall, distributor or repairers guarantee, any other written warranty, government or court orders, decrees or settlements, or any valid or collectable insurance policy are not covered. Improper engine or transmission installation or installation by a non-ASE Certified mechanic. We do not warranty oil leaks/damage on engines or transmissions due to non-replaced seals, gaskets or filters. Any failure due to transmission coolant lines not being flushed at the time of installation is not covered. Transmission may need to be relearned, reset or flashed by dealer AND may need electronic valve body replaced; this is not covered External switches and sensors on transmissions are not covered. Though our parts are cleaned, the external appearance of an engine or transmission may include dirt, oil, rust or other debris; this is not uncommon in the industry. The external visual appearance is not covered.


Acceptable records documenting purchaser’s adherence to the vehicle manufacturer’s required maintenance are required in the event of a claim.

Acceptable records must be: issues on the date of maintenance, issued in the name of purchaser, be signed by purchaser, be electronically generated, issued by the commercial lubrication service facility performing the maintenance, include mileage, date, vehicle identification number, year, make and model, and include a record of payment and service performed. Handwritten information on records, receipts or repair orders, pertaining to or documenting required maintenance are not acceptable.


Both activation of warranty and engine or transmission installation is required within 15 days from delivery receipt to the shipping address on record. The Warranty must be activated for any of the warranty terms and conditions to be valid and enforceable. Activation of warranty by customer/purchaser signifies product and warranty acceptance.


Mileage is not guaranteed and is correct to the best of our knowledge.

Typical delivery time is 7-14 working days. Unusual circumstances may require additional time.

Residential deliveries incur a $75 - $125 additional shipping charge, unless alternatives are pre-arranged. OEM parts are interchangeable with multiple years, makes and models, thus the same part is an exact fit for multiple makes and models as determined by OEM standards. We guarantee the part we sell to fit your vehicle. This warranty is not transferrable. All deposits are non-refundable. There is no warranty on appearance of parts.


AM Used Auto Parts will ship and replace incorrectly shipped parts without cost to the customer within 10 days of customer’s delivery receipt of parts. Incorrectly ordered parts or cancelled orders are subject to a 20% handling and restocking fees and the customer pays all shipping costs for return and replacement. Incorrectly ordered parts or cancelled orders, for any reason, are the customer’s responsibility. No refunds or credits are allowed, under any circumstances, for returned engines and transmissions not in their original assembled and condition as shipped to customer.

If the part is damaged, at time of delivery, both customer and delivery driver must write DAMAGED and sign their names to the delivery receipt. Also, if you receive a damaged part or an incorrect part you must notify our customer service department by e-mail and telephone call within three (3) business days (72 hours) of its arrival. DO NOT SEND THE PART BACK BEFORE RECEIVING INSTRUCTIONS. Parts refused at time of delivery will be subject to a 20% restocking fee and purchaser agrees to pay all shipping charges.

Returning the part is the responsibility of the customer and AM Used Auto Parts must be provided with a return tracking number when the item is returned. The item must be returned within 7 business days of return authorization. The return address will be provided at the time we are contacted. Parts must be returned to the location address provided. Once the item is returned we will gladly issue a full refund on the original purchase price or send a replacement part. Once the item is returned it will be inspected and upon approval a credit request will be forwarded to accounting. Customer refunds are issued once the returned part has been verified and inspected. We stand behind our warranties and want to make you, our customer, at ease when purchasing a used auto part. If you have any questions feel free to call us toll-free at 1-866-548-2444.

This warranty covers defective parts and items sent incorrectly. We offer a parts only warranty

*NO LABOR COSTS are covered for any part sold by AM Used Auto Parts. In the event that the part is defective or bad, AM Used Auto Parts reserves the right to first replace defective or bad part. If a replacement is not available through AM Used Auto Parts, a refund for cost of the part may be issued upon return of the defective or bad part. No refunds are provided unless defective or bad part is returned within 30 days from original purchase date. In the event a reorder is made prior to return of the first part, AM Used Auto Parts will require payment for the second part and refund the initial order upon return of defective or bad part. Return shipping costs will not be reimbursed. Upon contacting AM Used Auto Parts please provide a detailed explanation as to why the part is being returned. All defective or bad parts need to be returned with in 30 days by customer after a claim Is placed.


Once an order has been placed and the buyer/customer chooses to cancel the order before the item has been shipped, a twenty percent (20%) cancelation fee may apply.


All warranty claims must be filed within the warranty period and include diagnostic print-out from an ASE certified mechanic and mechanics installation invoice with receipts showing CUSTOMER RESPONSIBILITY requirements have been met. E-mail full name and contact information with all paperwork and photo-copy image of all receipts to warrantyclaim@AMuap.com. A representative will contact you with 24 business hours, subject to major holidays.


All terms and conditions of this warranty are subject to proper “activation of warranty” as follows: The activation requirements must be successfully completed within 15 calendar days from the delivery date of the engine or transmission as recorded by the shipping carriers documentation indicating customers delivery acceptance. To activate warranty, customer must e-mail image or photocopy of the installing mechanics invoice showing warranty installation requirements have been fully satisfied. The customer or purchaser must also e-mail image or photocopy taken of the vehicle dash board odometer, showing the vehicles current mileage. E-mail must be addressed to activation@AMuap.com. AM Used Auto Parts will send email confirmation to the customer to confirm successful receipt of both images/photocopy. Email confirmation from AM Used Auto Parts does not constitute warranty terms, conditions or activation requirements have been met.

Failure to satisfy these warranty activation requirements within the 15 days voids all warranty coverage.

If you have any questions feel free to call us toll-free at 1-866-548-2444.


All questions concerning or legal matters concerning the construction, interpretation, validity and enforceability of this Agreement, whether in a court of law or in arbitration, shall be governed by and construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of Florida, Hillsborough County, without giving effect to any choice or conflict of law provision or rule that would cause the laws of any other jurisdiction to apply.